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If you love animals and want to find a way to help cats and dogs in transition, you just may be a great foster mom or dad. The benefits to the cat/dog are immeasurable.  They get to be in a home situation, with people who treat them well, show them love and maybe interact with other cats and/or dogs, they become very social and happy while they wait for adoption.  In shelters, they may be isolated in cages and have limited interaction with people and other animals.  The benefits to us as foster parents are very great as well. 

For me, knowing that I can give my furry foster children the best possible start for their new lives, whether they are youngsters or adults fills me with pride and happiness.  I get to interact with the new adoptive family and know for sure that my foster has gone to his/her new home in good health and well adjusted to thrive with his/her new family. 

Angel Cat Pet Adoptions pays ALL the costs that the foster home incurs, food, litter and all medical costs that may come up. All you do is provide the home and plenty of love.

If you have a place in your heart and in your home to help, please contact us so we can discuss the areas of volunteering that will best match your skills and desire.
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