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Sadly, many are being affected by the huge mortgage and job crisis, and in turn, are abandoning their pets.  “Gracee” was left in the garage of a foreclosed home in Santa Ana, but happily, the homeowner called us the day they vacated and we were able to rescue her from the hot garage.  Gracee was fostered for a few weeks and is now living in her “PURRfect” forever home with another cat to play with.
Little “Gizmo” was found crying under the loading dock of a local department store by store workers.  His eyes weren’t even open yet and likely his feral mom cat was moving her litter to a safer place when she was interrupted.  Gizmo is about 3 weeks old now (estimated DOB: March 31, 2009) and is being bottle fed by one of our awesome foster moms.  Gizmo is one of the lucky ones; we couldn’t locate his mommy or siblings.